Fan Art

Paint and sip class is the most fun and social art-making experience you can have.

Enjoy a drink while following step-by-step instructions from Mr.Richard Alan Nichols himself to create your own painting. The class is usually held in a relaxed and informal setting in one of our Dakkya boutiques, located inside the luxurious Heritage Hotels.

No prior painting experience is necessary, and the focus is on having fun and expressing one’s creativity rather than creating a perfect work of art. At the end of the class, you get to take your paintings home as a souvenir.

Paint and sip classes are also organized for special occasions or as a group activity for friends, family, or colleagues. To organize your next group activity please reach out to us by calling:

Peter Berger: (505) 967 8567

Paula Kimlicka: (505) 231 1621